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Now is the Time to Get Your Hands on a FREE* ZoomLock Tool


*FREE ZoomLock Tool and 5 Jaw Kit with the purchase of 350 ZoomLock flame-free refrigerant fittings. This offer is good only for contractors NEW to ZoomLock fittings & tools.


  • Minimum order quantity is 350 ZoomLock fittings for a free ZoomLock Tool and 5 Jaw Kit: PZK-TK5, Part Number 770002 Jaw sizes include: 3/8” PZK-J6, 1/2” PZK-J8, 5/8” PZK-J10, 7/8” PZK-J14 and 1-1/8” PZK-J18
  • Offer is good for up to 5 free tool kits – while supplies last!
  • Contractor purchase order and wholesaler invoice must be submitted to your local Parker or Sporlan Manufacturer’s Representative.
  • Parker or Sporlan Manufacturer’s Representative must train contractor prior to using free ZoomLock Tool Kit.
  • Tools ship directly from Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin.
  • Offer valid while supplies last.

ZoomLock Offer

Catch-All Filter-Drier

Similar outside. Different inside.

Catch-AllThe Catch-All has demonstrated excellent field performance in cleaning up severely contaminated systems, whether due to acid, lubricant breakdown, or to hermetic motor burnout. Its success in field service work and in protecting new systems is largely due to its outstanding ability to remove acid and the products of lubricant breakdown.

See the Difference!

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ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings reduce
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