Oil Control System

Sporlan’s Oil Level Control System components were developed to offer the refrigeration industry an oil level control system of the highest quality. The heart of the system is the Oil Level Control which, when matched with the Oil Reservoir, Check Valve, OF Oil Filter and perhaps the Y1236-C Pressure Differential Valve, maintains a minimum oil level in the compressor crankcase during all phases of system operation.
Number Title Date Pages
Bulletin 110-10 Oil Level Control System April 2014 12
Bulletin 110-11 Oil Level Adapter Kits, Installation Instructions March 2014 4
Bulletin 310-10-1 Oil Level Controls March 2014 2
Bulletin 310-10-2 Competitor Cross-Reference for Mechanical Oil Level Controls May 2004 1
Form 110-136 Parallel Compressor Oil Management in Supermarkets 4
Form 110-140 How to Maximize Supermarket Compressor Life June 2000 4
Form 110-410 The REAL 3 Micron Oil Filter, Sporlan OF Series May 2014 1
SD-129 Oil Level Control System, Installation Instructions December 2015 6
SD-143 Oil Level Adaptor Kits, Installation Instructions December 2015 4
SD-202 OF Series Installation and Servicing Instructions June 2013 4
SD-382 K-OL-Seal-Kit, Installation Instructions December 2015 4