SMART Service Tools

SMART Pro/R and SMART Service Tools from Sporlan are lightweight wireless sensors that sync with an app, enabling you to read, record and export system real-time pressures and temperatures. The free app automatically displays superheat and subcooling. Contractors monitor system’s performance anywhere within Bluetooth range, minimizing steps between components and equipment. Hoses are eliminated reducing charge loss. Data is easily recorded, saved and emailed providing proof of work.
Number Title Date Pages
Form 140-495 Sporlan SMART Pro/R Service Tools FAQs August 2016 4
Form 140-487 Sporlan SMART Pro/R Service Tools Brochure August 2016 4
Form 140-494 Sporlan Smart Pro/R Service Tools Specs August 2016 2
Form 140-421 Sporlan SMART Service Tools FAQs September 2014 4
Form 140-425 Sporlan SMART Service Tool Kit Brochure May 2015 4
Form 140-426 Sporlan Smart Service Tools Specs July 2016 2
Form 140-428 SMART Service Tools Display September 2014 2