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SMART Pro/R app SMART Pro/R App

Scan QR code below to be directed to the free SMART Pro/R Service Tool App. 

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Sporlan’s SMART Pro/R Service Tools, your only wireless choice for all HVAC/R, now accommodates low temperature refrigeration applications (down to -40°). The SMART Pro/R Service Tools also have exceptional wireless range, up to 10x longer than existing Bluetooth® sensors. Both SMART and SMART Pro/R sensors display, record and export HVAC/R system temperatures, pressures, superheat and subcooling using a free app.


SMART Pro/R app SMART Service Tool App

Scan QR code below to be directed to the free SMART Service Tool App. 

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The Parker Sporlan SMART Service Tool, along with unique Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, allows quick pressure to temperature conversion and automatic calculation of superheat and subcooling by utilizing essential refrigerant data in the app.

Contractors and technicians will enjoy the user friendly design and precise calculations (based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Refrigerant Properties).

* Selectable units of measure
* User defined display – Display data in digital or simulated analog modes
* Ability to record and e-mail data from within the app
* More than 65 refrigerants (pure and mixtures) are available