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ZoomLock Increases Productivity

ZoomLock Benefits:

  • More productivity and increased profits.
  • Ten-second leak-proof refrigerant fitting.
  • Reduce labor costs by 60%.
  • No brazing. No flame. No fire spotter.

Flameless means no more torches; no more gases; no more hot work permits; no more fire spotters; no more fire extinguishers and safety equipment; no more preventable sprinkler damage; and no more flames and fires. ZoomLock eliminates the need for oxygen acetylene torch kits, gas tanks, degreasers, fire extinguishers, safety equipment, hot work permits, nitrogen purging and assorted other items.

Check out the ZoomLock website for customer testimonials and more information.


Sporlan.com Has Arrived!

Sporlan has a new and improved website!

SporlanThe new Sporlan.com website provides easy access to literature and products as well as our HVACR online learning and training. Find everything from product information to webinars and everything in between. We provide the HVACR information you need to be successful.

See the website!

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ZoomLock Corner

ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings

New ZoomLock refrigerant fittings are specially designed to work without brazing, which automatically makes your job simpler and faster when joining copper tubes.
Learn More

Time is Money

Increase your bottom line and reduce job time with efficient, ZoomLock braze-free fittings.
Read More

Small Investment, Large Profits

ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings ensure a
clean, leak-free system even in freezing temperatures.
Read More

Increase Profits by Dollars Per Fitting

ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings reduce
job hours and labor costs by 40-60 percent.
Read More

Sporlan Training

Sporlan Specialist Training

Experience Sporlan’s extensive AC&R industry training program at our Washington, MO division headquarters.
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Sporlan is proud to announce CHILLSKILLS Sporlan Online Training for Sporlan Authorized Wholesaler sales personnel. Self-paced online training courses provide the opportunity for training on the entire Sporlan line.
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