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Parker’s New S3C Series Refrigerated Case Controls Ensure Food Safety Through Advanced Diagnostics, Failsafe and Stand-Alone Control Mechanisms

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Advanced controls provide safety, security and service for remote and self-contained single- or multiple-coil refrigerated display appliances.

WASHINGTON, Mo. – January 22, 2018 – The Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced the launch of its S3C Series of case control products. Consisting of a case controller, remote display and valve module, the family of innovative controls is designed to facilitate both installation and integration by refrigerated appliance OEMs, as well as streamline retrofit into existing supermarket refrigeration control installations. The entire S3C line supports open protocol communication via BACnet and Modbus communication networks. When enabled, the controller provides automated configuration and network integration.

The S3C Case Control peer-to-peer system is capable of standalone or building automation system (BAS) operation of up to eight refrigerated cases per lineup, with control modes to handle superheat, case temperature and/or suction for the most efficient operation possible. Additionally, the family of controls has been designed to simplify and shorten new equipment setups and retrofits. Color-coded temperature sensor wires make installation easier. Control of either step motor or pulse width modulation valves provides flexibility. Bright, colored quick-view LEDs show case status at a glance.

Display case OEMs are continuing to look for improved ease of use, quicker store startups, access to more data and efficient system operation for the end user. The S3C Series’ advanced monitoring, diagnostic and networking capabilities make these goals possible, facilitating a one-day store setup time, versus the average ten-day setup time. This significantly reduces the time and cost required to launch a new supermarket. Additionally, by monitoring more inputs, S3C case controls provide more system data to end users, minimizing product loss and service calls.

“Parker is partnering with supermarket display case OEMs to streamline and simplify store refrigeration for end users,” said Sporlan’s Jim Ruether, product manager – electronics. “Unlike competitive control products, the S3C Series case control products offer automatic system tuning to prevent PID setting configuration. This saves time and avoids potential mistakes. What’s more, the S3C controls monitor and provide alarms throughout the network on numerous parameters such as case temperature, fan current, defrost heater current and stepper motor operation. That’s the kind of timely information that leads directly to the most energy efficient system operation.”

The S3C Series refrigerated case controls will be on display at the 2018 AHR Expo in McCormick Place, Chicago, January 22-24 (Booth #4936).

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Parker’s New SPW Pulse Width Modulation Valves Control Refrigerant Flow in Direct Expansion HFC, HCFC and HFO Refrigeration Systems

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Based on measured evaporator superheat, modulating valves cycle on and off to achieve desired flow.

WASHINGTON, Mo. – January 22, 2018 – The Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today introduced its SPW pulse width modulation valves, models SPW-0 through -7. In accordance with measured evaporator superheat, the pulse width style valves cycle open and closed to precisely control refrigerant flow to the evaporator in direct expansion refrigeration systems using hydroflurocarbons (HFC), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) and new low global warming potential (GWP) hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) refrigerants, that are both non-flammable and non-toxic.

The SPW line of electric expansion valves offers eight port sizes to cover a wide range of evaporator loads up to 4.5 tons nominal capacity for R407A, R407F, R448A and R449A. The serviceable valve design allows the contractor to service and clean the inlet strainer and easily replace the port during a refrigerant retrofit. The valves’ robust design offers a 50 million-plus cycle life.

With an overriding mandate to uphold food quality, today’s supermarkets are driven to maintain case temperature. When connected to a compatible refrigeration controller with advanced algorithms, Parker’s SPW line of electric expansion valves maintains consistent superheat by precisely controlling refrigerant flow. The valves can be remotely monitored to apprise department managers of case temperature and status. In addition, they are easy to troubleshoot and close on power failure to avoid refrigerant migration when the system is offline.

“With the SPW electric expansion valves, efficient operation is achieved and start up time is minimized. No mechanical adjustments are needed to set superheat at the valves,” commented Bruce Choi, electric valve product manager. “This can save up to 80 hours of work per store.”

The SPW line of pulse width modulation valves will be on display at the 2018 AHR Expo in McCormick Place, Chicago, January 22-24 (Booth # 4936).

For more information about the entire SPW line, contact

Increase Profits by Dollars Per Fitting – HVACR Business Insights

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ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings reduce job hours and labor costs by 40-60 percent

North Mechanical
Greg Fuller
President, North Mechanical

Until now, HVACR contractors and technicians have had to rely on brazing as the way to join copper tube and fittings for refrigerant lines. But brazing requires highly trained, highly paid technicians; fire permits; fire spotters; brazing tools and gases; nitrogen purging; and more. 

New Parker Sporlan ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings eliminate brazing and all the costs and time associated with this old fashioned technology. No more flames; no more nitrogen purging; no more leaks.

ZoomLock fittings install in ten seconds, and can be installed by junior, entry level technicians. Unlike brazed fittings which are highly vulnerable to leaks, ZoomLock fittings are leak proof, and are consistently repeatable. In addition, ZoomLock fittings eliminate internal pipe contamination.

Contractors using ZoomLock fittings report time and labor costs on tube connections have been reduced by 40 to 60 percent. Such improved productivity puts more money directly on their bottom lines.

“We’ve known about the product for a while, and we’ve used it on the service side of our business, and in repair jobs,” says Greg Fuller, president of North Mechanical in Indianapolis. “It’s a great time saver and we think it’s an excellent product for a quality installation.”

HVACR Business spoke with Fuller about the advantages of ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings in a large scale installation.

 Other than time savings, what’s the biggest advantage of ZoomLock? 

It’s a huge time saver, especially when you think about the time you save by eliminating purging. There’s also the cleanliness factor. In start-up, if the system isn’t clean enough, you can have some real issues. The ZoomLock fitting assures us it’s going to be clean and that makes a big difference, especially with a really large installation.

You need to keep the inside of the pipe clean and keep the refrigerant cycle clean, so as not to mess up the compressor. With this many feet of copper, there becomes a higher possibility of that happening and with using the ZoomLock fitting you don’t have anything that would contaminate the inside of the pipe.

Have you used it on a large scale project yet? 

Yes, we’re actually using ZoomLock on a big VRF job right now, and so far we’ve had great success with it. It’s the first time we’ve used it in a large installation, having only previously used it on repair jobs. We thought this product would be a good way to save some time from brazing, as well as our concerns about cleanliness.

We identified it as a viable option to use on this particular large-scale VRF system, knowing it was a good way to keep the small bore copper clean. Purging can be a problem, and this system had about 225 cassettes on it.

Tell us more about the challenges of this installation. 

It’s a new cancer pavilion for a large, local hospital chain. Because this application involves many treatment rooms, a VRF system is an excellent solution that allows the ability to have control in each room. And it helps keep costs down.

The VRV system is also efficient, because it allows for heating in one place, cooling in another and the ability to work in conjunction — use the heat coming out of a room you’re cooling to heat a room that’s cold, and so forth. We weren’t the designer for this job, but we did win the bid to install this large system.

When you put together your bid, did ZoomLock factor into your ability to get the cost down? 

Yes, and it may be the reason we were successful. I don’t know if anyone else bid it with this product or not, but the fact that we’re able to get the cost down on our bid because of the time savings associated with using ZoomLock could have been a deciding factor, or certainly tilted the decision in our favor.


Small Investment, Large Profits – HVACR Business Insights

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ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings ensure a clean, leak-free system even in freezing temperatures 

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.52.12 AM
Mike Kempel
President, Dakota Refrigeration

When you work in the low temperature refrigeration, you’re always dealing with water below the freezing point — and ice creates its own problems.

Standard, brazed fittings sometimes come apart due to moisture. the fitting may not ever leak, but if there’s a pinhole left from brazing, moisture can get in there and create the leak by expanding the copper or crushing the pipe.

Mike Kempel, president of Dakota Refrigeration, Inc. in Fargo, N.D. has seen this time and time again. When he was introduced to ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings at a Parker Sporlan Contractor Advisory Council meeting in 2015, he was excited, to say the least.

“If ice has a path to leave and doesn’t become trapped or encapsulated, it’ll just freeze out that direction,” Kempel says.

ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings have been thoroughly tested in freeze/thaw applications with more than 10,000 cycles completed in both vertical and horizontal configurations with no leakage concerns.

“We decided that with Parker Sporlan standing behind this — they’ve been in the business for a long time, making ttings for a long time — that we would try it,” Kempel says. “It seems to work. Because, so far we haven’t had any issues.”

HVACR Business spoke with Kempel about the challenges and advantages of ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings.

How did you first begin using ZoomLock?

ZoomLock was introduced to us by our Sporlan field rep at a Contractor’s Advisory Council meeting. Of course we had a lot of questions… such as, is it going to collect moisture and freeze and just not work. Which is not the case. We thought we’d try it rst on a small walk-in. The job went so fast that we decided to try it on something else.

How much time do you save, on average?

We’ve done two relatively small supermarkets using ZoomLock, and we saved two weeks of labor for a crew of four men. We complete the job faster and we can use a lesser skilled technician. We don’t need a full-blown pipe fitter to braze the connections. The fittings cost a little more than standard ttings, but the time savings alone is worth it.

What’s the advantage of not relying on your pipe fitter to braze every connection?

Our pipe fitter can do more jobs by spending his time laying out the piping diagram. And you can take a younger tech, who doesn’t have much experience with such things as slope and size, and give them a list of what pipes to put where, and they can do that. And then they can complete the joint. at’s the best part. They’re not simply sticking things together and waiting for a guy to come by and braze them. ZoomLock allows them to actually put them together, complete the connection, insulate it and be done.

Is the investment worth the time savings?

The investment is really small if you think about how much additional profit you’re making. The investment in brazing equipment would probably be a little less. But the ongoing consumables —brazing stick, oxygen acetylene and silver are very costly. That’s all part of the process, but may not be considered. With ZoomLock, there’s nothing but the tool … and that’s a one-time cost.

What’s the biggest challenge with using ZoomLock?

The only challenge is to get more of our customers on board … making them understand the safety and reliability advantages of the product. If it’s not specified, they’re sometimes reluctant to change specs because they don’t want to be the first one to make a mistake. But, there is a bigger benefit to not brazing, because you’re not weakening the copper by heating it. You’re not creating any possible oxides. Those are some of the things we need to get through to our customers — the benefits of ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings versus what they’re using right now.

What’s the biggest advantage for them?

They’re guaranteed a clean system. There won’t be any callbacks, because there is no oxide in the pipes caused by improper purging. Typically, you can purge and purge and purge, and yet, somehow you’ll still get some black stuff in the pipes and the screens, or loose solder balls in the pipes from putting too much solder in the system. You have none of those problems with ZoomLock, so you won’t have to send a technician back to the jobsite weeks later to clean the system again.

Time is Money – HVACR Business Insights

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Increase your bottom line and reduce job time with efficient, ZoomLock braze-free fittings 

North Mechanical
Greg Fuller
President, North Mechanical

Time is a precious commodity, especially when it comes to your business. Estimating the time it will take to complete a given job is an art form — if you bid too low, the longer it takes your technicians, the less profitable the job. If you bid too high, you might not win the job in the first place.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of any HVACR installation occurs when one (or more) trained technicians are required to join the copper refrigerant lines through brazing. An oxygen acetylene torch kit, gas tanks, degreaser, fire extinguisher, permits … the list of equipment is as long as the number of hours it takes to do the job.

That is, until Parker Sporlan launched the perfect solution — one that increases both productivity and safety.

The ZoomLock braze-free connecting process is based on exclusive, patented crimping technology. A technician only needs two hands and a few simple tools. With no need for brazing or technical expertise, joining refrigerant lines takes practically no time at all — and one technician can do the connecting job alone.

“We’re using ZoomLock fittings on a big VRF job right now and have had great success with it,” says Greg Fuller, president of North Mechanical in Indianapolis and president Elect of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). “It’s the first time we’ve used it in a large scale situation, having previously only used ZoomLock fittings for repair jobs.”

Zoomlock offers a solution that is easy to learn and has minimal setup, clean-up and most importantly, improved safety. It’s a flame-free process that produces highly repeatable connections with leak rates that testing proves are more reliable then brazed fittings.

HVACR Business spoke with Fuller about the time-savings advantages of ZoomLock braze-free fittings, as well as the safety factor involved.

How do the ZoomLock fittings save job time?

It’s certainly quicker than brazing the joints, as we would have to do with line sets. But the bigger key to us is the purging process — we don’t have to purge as much with ZoomLock, and that’s a big time saver.

That’s where we’re picking up just as much time as we are with not brazing the joints, so it’s a double blessing, so to speak, and we really are pleased with it.

It’s also an easier application — if we’re in a situation where we’re short technicians trained for brazing and purging, ZoomLock becomes a great alternative. With it, just about any technician can join copper tubes without the need to know about brazing.

Is there a safety factor involved?

Safety is always a concern. ZoomLock is a solution, because there’s no solder, no gas and no re hazard. The fewer times you have to light up, the better off you are. It’s easier to be safe in a space that’s under construction than it is in an existing building or retro fit application.

We’re in the Midwest and there are some really old buildings around here — and there’s always refrigerant runs in the attic or wherever. When it comes to these old buildings, not lighting up is really good for safety and in general.

So you don’t need a hot work permit?

Exactly. Or re watch. With some of the old facilities we work in, anytime you light up you have to have another person dedicated to watching that person with the flame, and being in charge of all the fire safety in that given area.

So a one-man job immediately becomes a two-man project. Sometimes that person is not a skilled technician, but he’s had at least some training and it’s still a cost of labor to have them be there as a fire watch. Using ZoomLock eliminates that extra person, and that’s a huge savings.

Do your technicians require less equipment?

Yes. They don’t have to drag around an oxy-acetylene outfit with them. They’re not taking purge bottles with them or moving those around so they can get the purge going, so I would agree that it’s less equipment … especially in our service model. When we use it for service where we’re simply replacing one unit.

It’s a much quicker scenario when you don’t have to get out the oxygen-acetylene outfit, the purge tanks and get the purge set up versus simply change out the condensing unit, reclaim the refrigerant, cut the lines, change the unit, recharge the unit and get it going quickly.

Parker Follows Success of Braze-free ZoomLock™ Products with Line Expansion

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Award-Winning Technology Introduced for Refrigeration, More Commercial HVAC Applications

ZoomLock fitting_wballvalveLAS VEGAS, January 30, 2017 – With more than 1 million braze-free ZoomLock™ fittings already successfully installed, Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is expanding its line-up of connectors, tools and ZoomLock compatible components for more HVAC/R uses.

A winner of the 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Award, ZoomLock products are popular with HVAC/R contractors and technicians who are looking for more flexibility, safety and efficiency, and with distributors and wholesalers who carry them.

ZoomLock technology works in both residential and commercial applications. The new tools are expected to be popular in large facilities such as supermarkets, hospitals, data centers, etc., where flame can be a problem. And with the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) market expected to grow to $9.65 billion by 2021, ZoomLock products are positioned to be an extremely popular facility solution.

Using specially designed ZoomLock crimping tools, technicians just connect the deburred tube ends into the fitting (which has o-rings inside) and press the assembly into place for a secure, leak-free seal. Additionally, it requires no brazing or adhesives, just the crimping tool and the fitting.

Parker braze-free connectors are currently available in straight couplings, long radius 90-degree elbows, tees, reducing couplings, slip couplings and cap connectors from 1/4” to 1-1/8”. Now access fittings (extended couplings with Schrader Valve) and Y fittings are joining the line-up, which will allow technicians to reduce time they have spent brazing these fittings in the past.

Another exciting addition, a RIDGID® compatible jaw set that is compatible with the RIDGID® RP-200-B, RP-210-B, and RP-100-B Press Tools, will be available soon for those who already own the RIDGID® tools.

The next generation 19kN tool that can accommodate 1-3/8” connectors along with the present offerings is expected in March.

Press-to-connect fittings were developed more than 20 years ago and have been widely adopted in the plumbing industry due to the significant timesaving, repeatability, and simplicity of installation. However, ZoomLock’s patented design is the ONLY press-to-connect technology that is approved for HVAC/R operating pressures up to 700 psi. This truly is a groundbreaking technology for the HVAC/R industry aimed at increasing technician productivity. One technician can quickly do the connecting job alone, with no torch, no hot-work permits, no safety equipment, and no special experience. In just minutes, ZoomLock provides a clean, leak-proof connection. By eliminating concerns about gas and flames, ZoomLock also gives you more flexibility in where and when you can work, with no need to nitrogen-purge the lines.

“To make a system convenient to install, there are ZoomLock compatible components including ODM x ODM ball valves, Catch-All® filter-driers, See-All® sight glasses, and solenoid valves,” said Steve Schuster, ZoomLock Product Manager.

“The value is best captured in applications where multiple braze joints must be made quickly, cleanly, and leak free allowing over a 50 percent timesaving,” he added. “The benefits translate to increased profits for contractors and technicians and the distributors who are providing them with these tools.”

“We found that with ZoomLock, we are able to get our technicians in and out of jobs a lot quicker and with fewer expenses,” said Don Fowler, Service Division President of Main Enterprises. “There is no nitrogen needed for purging or the other expensive items associated with brazing. The whole process, including the clean up, is a lot quicker.”

Joe Kokinda, President and CEO of Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc., says that what surprised him most was how ZoomLock reduced safety risks and how easy it was to use. “Why someone who runs pipe in the HVAC/R trades doesn’t use ZoomLock, is beyond me.”

Parker is exhibiting the new products at the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas (Booth # C3306).

Visit for additional information.

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets. Learn more at http://www.parker.comor @parkerhannifin.


New Sporlan Refrigeration Troubleshooting App is Now Available for Download

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Washington, MO, March 2016 – Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is proud to announce that the Sporlan Refrigeration Troubleshooting App, designed to assist field technicians of all skill levels with troubleshooting components of a Direct Expansion (DX) refrigeration system is fully released and available for download for both Apple and Android devices.

The app includes a guided mode and expert mode to aid the different skill levels of technicians. For the less experienced technician, the guided mode in the app walks the user through a series of questions with only “Yes” or “No” answers leading the user the correct action required. The questions follow flow diagrams that were created to cover all aspects of a direct expansion refrigeration system. For the more experienced technician, the expert mode breaks down troubleshooting into 6 sections to quickly get to the root cause of the problem. The app allows users to go through the troubleshooting process, get to a corrective action and capture any notes including pictures, videos, voice memos, and text.

The app received the 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Award Honorable Mention for the Software Category. The annual awards competition honors the most inventive and original HVACR products, systems, and technologies showcased at each year’s AHR Expo. Winners are selected by a panel of third-party ASHRAE member judges who evaluated all award entries based on innovative design, creativity, application, value, and market impact.

Steve Schuster, Food Retail Market Manager, commented, “Service companies spend countless hours troubleshooting refrigeration systems. By reducing the amount of misdiagnosed problems, time and money can be saved, helping the service company’s bottom line.”

“Users can become more efficient and accurate with their troubleshooting skills by acquiring the information that will help reach a diagnosis quicker and more accurately,” Schuster added.

Download Here

With annual sales of approximately $13 billion in fiscal year 2015, Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 55,000 people in 50 countries around the world. Parker has increased its annual dividends paid to shareholders for 59 consecutive fiscal years, among the top five longest-running dividend-increase records in the S&P 500 index. For more information, visit the company’s website at, or its investor information website at

Parker Sporlan Products Introduced for Low-GWP Refrigerants

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Washington, MO – February 29, 2016 – Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has released products designed for next-generation low-GWP refrigerants. These product offerings address systems designed for CO2 (carbon dioxide), hydrocarbon, HFO (hydrofluoroolefin), and lower-GWP HFC refrigerants.

New products for transcritical CO2 systems include 140 bar (2030 psi) MRP-rated gas cooler/flash gas bypass valves, and filter-driers. Products for subcritical CO2 applications include electric expansion and pressure regulating valves, solenoid valves, filter-driers, check valves, and sightglass moisture indicators rated up to 70 bar (1015 psi) MRP.

ATEX compliance under EU directive 94/9/EC, certified by an independent laboratory, assures that Sporlan products are safe to use in systems with flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons. ATEX compliant thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves, filter-driers, and sightglass moisture indicators for use with A2L and A3 refrigerants, including R290. Certifications are underway on additional product lines, including electric valves.

Sporlan is “ready to support” the refrigeration industry with products optimized for R448A and R449A, as high-GWP HFCs are phased out of use in medium and low-temperature refrigeration. Products are also available for R1234ze, R450A, and R513A for use in chillers and many other high and medium-temperature applications. New thermostatic charges for TEVs have been developed where appropriate to deliver the best broad-range superheat control with these new refrigerants. Parker ZoomLock and ZoomLine products are approved for use with HFOs, as well as most HFCs. Extensive material compatibility testing has been done by Parker, with support by Chemours’ and Honeywell’s labs to ensure long-term reliability and leak-free performance with HFOs and HFO-blends.

While much of the industry focuses on these new refrigerants, lower-GWP HFC refrigerants continue to play an important role in both new installations and retrofits. Sporlan offers a complete range of products for R407A, R407C, R407F, and other environmentally friendly replacements for high-GWP HCFCs and HFCs.

“Parker strongly supports the global initiatives underway to reduce the effect of refrigerants on the environment in which we all live. This comprehensive range of products, along with expert technical support is key to helping our OEM and wholesale customers smoothly and quickly transition to the future with next generation low-GWP refrigerants.” said John Withouse, Refrigerants Technical Lead for Parker.