New Parker Sporlan SMART Service Tools; Read, Record and Export HVAC/R System Temperatures, Pressures, Superheat and Subcooling Faster and Easier

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Washington, MO, October 6, 2014 – Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, releases the innovative SMART Service Tools that display, record and export HVAC/R system temperatures, pressures, superheat and subcooling using a free app.

SMART Service Tools are lightweight wireless sensors that conveniently sync with an iPhone or iPad app, enabling you to read a system’s real-time pressures and temperatures without using cumbersome hoses or manifold gauges.

Parker Hannifin Introduces ZoomLine, a Light and Flexible Refrigerant Line to Replace Copper

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New York, NY, January 21, 2014 – Parker’s innovative refrigerant line assembly, a time saving, easy to install, and flexible line-set substitutes for copper tubing and directs refrigerant to system components in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. This 6-layer flexible rubber tubing includes the patent pending Flexible Aluminum Barrier and is designed to withstand environmental, temperature and pressure extremes while providing excellent installation flexibility and long life. The flexible line eliminates coupling and elbow brazing operations and/or tube bending in long tubing runs as well as refrigerant leakage associated with brazing leaks.

The unique couplings that connect the ZoomLine assemblies to the system connections have multiple barriers and entire assemblies have been rigorously tested using the latest leak detection technologies to ensure no leakage.

Glen Steinkoenig, Sporlan Division Product Manager, commented, “Users find the vibration absorbing ZoomLine® easily pullable like wire because of it’s flexibility and it comes in extended length options.”

He added, “The simple connection and speed of install makes copper tubing obsolete by reducing installed costs, eliminating installation errors and rework resulting in a better bottom line for customers.”

Visit the Parker Sporlan Booth (#1657) to learn more.