Parker Energy Solutions

Parker Energy Solutions provides real-time, device-level energy analytics platform to improve facility operations with actionable energy and operational insights.

Save Money on Energy, Maintenance and Operations Parker’s Energy Solutions Platform brings transparency and visibility to energy usage, saving your enterprise money. Only PES offers real-time circuit-level energy measurement that gives you actionable analytics and monthly reports for more informed decision-making to reduce energy, maintenance and operation costs, and to improve facility performance.

m1Energy Savings: Discover precisely where your energy expenditures are taxing your enterprise’s resources, at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy management systems.

m2Scalable Facility Improvements: Conduct measurements and verifications for retrofits, commissioning and LEED certifications; provides executive tools for prioritizing retrofits and operational improvements by load type and site location.

m3Preventative Maintenance: Identify unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alerts, before they lead to thousands of dollars in wasted energy and/or equipment failures.

m4Operational Optimization: Quickly determine when systems are not functioning properly to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.

Parker Energy Solutions

Document Description Date
PES-MK-101-1412 PES Brochure December 2014
PES-MK-102-1412 PES Hardware Overview December 2014
PES-MK-103-1412 PES PowerWatch Overview December 2014
PES-MK-104-1412 PES Product Factsheet December 2014
PES-DS-101-1412 PES µBridge Datasheet December 2014
PES-DS-102-1412 PES µMeter Datasheet December 2014
PES-DS-103-1412 PES µNode Sensors Datasheet December 2014
PES-DS-104-1412 PES µNode14 Datasheet December 2014